coating up to 5100mm

With a strong industrial culture SENFA has the latest machinery allowing a diverse range of bases up to 5100 mm wide.

Our products are distributed in 35 countries and exports account for more than 80% of turnover.

SENFA develops made to measure coatings : 

- Water based

- powder fusible polymers PEHD, PA, PES, EVA, PU)

Our coating techniques:

- Air coating,  Rotary cylinder, Knife coating, Air coating, Powder coating, Paste coating, Powder point, self adhesive


​A guided tour around our factory at SENFA​  

SENFA designs and develops coating formulations according to the technical specifications of our markets. This in depth knowledge of textiles and chemistry enables SENFA to develop innovative products.

The raw materials are first mixed and worked by the preparation department in our work shops to prepare the coating formulations.

SENFA develops customised coatings:
- water based
- powder fusible polymers
Thanks to the specialisation of our 4 coating lines we offer a diverse range of products up to 3200 mm wide on which we add coatings between 10 g/m² and up to 200 g/m² or covering one or both sides.

A visual inspection is carried out systematically on coated rolls to guarantee optimum quality. A sample is taken to the QC Laboratory where the performance of the product can be measured and ensure that the client’s technical specifications are met. This step is important since it is the final stage before shipment to the client.

Each of our products is carefully labeled which allows real time management. Stocking & shipping of our products are done internally to ensure timely delivery. A large number of shipments are made worldwide on a daily basis.