SENFA manufactures its products in France, and scrupulously complies with national and European environnemental regulations which are far more stringent than in other parts of the world. In line with our company ethos we are committed to sustainable development.

“Reducing the carbon footprint of our products on the environment is a key priority”


To preserve the environment, the company undertakes environmental initiatives:

  • Commitment to Eco design in our products

Since 2010 SENFA is actively working on a number of Eco design projects; safety of products and substances used; use of recycled or bio-based products; life cycle analysis; carbon footprint reduction; energy saving; recycling technology … many of these themes that have been addressed internally enhance the ability of SENFA for subcontracted work.

  • Establishment of an Eco design management system

After several years of work, SENFA continues on this path for the future by including in its organization an eco-design management system. For this, it relies on a data bank that is a source of continuous improvement in the design process leading to the development of eco-friendly products: a true meeting of functional quality and environmental friendliness.


« We are your partner for developing solutions that respect the environment  »