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SENFA has close relationships with many laboratories, organizations and institutions, for many types of collaboration: research projects, certification, partnerships etc..


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SENFA is certified to the regional Alsace Terre Textile label.  This label of industrial excellence aims to promote local manufacturing. The aims are to promote collaboration and synergies in the textile sector while providing a guarantee of quality on a human, technical and environmental level.   SENFA is a member of the “Pôle Aménagement de la maison” which is a group of Alsatian companies. It promotes innovation within companies and develops projects to improve the visibility of   companies in Alsace.   For 30 years, the Institut Supérieur Textile d’Alsace (Textile Institute of Higher Learning of Alsace) has been training new talent in fashion and textiles and helping businesses in the industry meet the challenges of globalization.
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The Pôle Textile Alsace association groups together the main players of the Alsatian textile sector. The Pôle supports textile companies with know how & knowledge thus improving overall performance.. SENFA is a member of the Alsatian Energivie Competitive Cluster. It aims to develop innovative solutions to improve the energy efficiency in buildings, whether they are new constructions or renovation projects, and to equip buildings with this avant-garde technology. A real platform for promotion, networking and support between the creative world and the industrial sector, INNOVATHEQUE®  is above all a place for meetings and discussions between suppliers who want their innovative materials, systems and processes to be available through a library which is on the website. Creative professionals can find technical solutions to stand out from the crowd.
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IFTH is the technology centre & platform serving the textile & clothing industry. It offers a wide range of solutions for the development of new textile products or solutions for a variety of markets. In order to assist companies in their efforts to innovate, the Institute has developed a network of service platforms spread throughout the industry for textile, garment and technical textiles.