Passion-driven from its origins, SENFA has grown through innovation. Today we remain confident that our passion for innovation will continue to spur us on to greater heights in the future. Serving a wide range of industries and markets, at SENFA we are ready to face any challenge using our expertise in coating technology to supply “Made in Innovation” products and solutions.

Coating: Our core business

A technique that is simple in concept, but extremely intricate and complex in execution, coating consists of giving both woven and non-woven textile materials certain properties. For each application, for each industry sector, we are able to meet very precise specifications, with little margin for error.

Our people and our values

With all the advances being made in equipment and technology is there still a place left for the human touch? At SENFA, our people are at the heart of everything we do. There is still no substitute for the human qualities of intelligence, touch and vision to guarantee products of the highest possible standard.

Textiles require a great deal of subtlety and finesse. How fabrics feel to the touch is an essential characteristic, colours demand an aesthetic sensitivity and even the most accurate spectro-colorimeter is no match for the experience of our specialists.